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  Nostrum Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the formulation and commercialization of specialty pharmaceutical products and controlled-release, orally-administered, branded and generic drugs.  Nostrum has a rich portfolio of Intellectual Property.  Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly utilizing controlled-release drug delivery technologies to improve therapy.  These technologies allow for the development of “patient-friendly” dosage forms, which reduce frequency of drug administration, thus improving patient compliance.  Controlled-release pharmaceuticals can be especially beneficial for certain patient populations, such as the elderly, who often require several medications with differing dosing regimens. (more)

Nostrum Technologies is engaged in the discovery and commercialization of specialty diagnostics for colorectal cancer and inhalation devices.  A special emphasis has been placed on combination products or drug/device combinations.  These novel and innovative devices will take advantage of Nostrum’s core capabilities in drug development and combine those capabilities with innovative devices to optimally deliver the drug.  Nostrum’s technologies will be developed to provide solutions for significant physician and patient unmet needs. (more)  Nostrum will also provide services for early discovery including chemistry and eADMET. (more)

Symmetrix focuses on the development of proteins for cardiovascular diseases. (more)
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