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Scientific Team
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  Nirmal Mulye, PhD
  Founder and President, Nostrum
  Nalin Rathod
  Carlton Asher
  General Counsel
  Nostrum Technologies, LLC
  Ronnie Toddywala, PhD, MBA
  Chief Executive Officer,
  Nostrum Technologies
  Symmetrix Pharmaceuticals, LLC
  Yatindra Parashar, PhD
  Founder, Symmetrix
Nostrum Laboratories, Inc.
Eric M. Mittleberg, PhD
Chief Operating Officer, Nostrum Laboratories, Inc.
Shelly Kaplan
VP, Purchasing and Sales
InspiRx, Inc.
Michael T Amato, MBA
Chief Executive Officer, InspiRx, Inc.
Kemxtree, LLC
Ravi Natarajan, PhD
Chief Executive Officer




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