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Nostrum Pharmaceuticals
Nostrum's Symmetrix subsidiary, is developing its therapeutic protein, SMRX 11, under Nostrum's license from the Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India, which Nostrum obtained in July 2006.
SMRX11 is an engineered plasminogen activating hybrid protein produced by recombinant DNA technology.  The hybrid protein activates plasminogen only in the presence of a blood clot.  In the absence of the blood clot protein, Fibrin, SMRX11 displays no plasminogen activation.  This unique product therefore potentially avoids the adverse reactions currently faced by thrombolytics in the market.  Such adverse reactions include blood thinning and severe bleeding due to a significant degree of spontaneous plasminogen activation even in the absence of Fibrin.  Moreover, SMRX11 protects fibrinogen levels in the blood, while dissolving the clot, and hence further lowering the risk of bleeding.
Nostrum will first pursue the clinical development and launch of SMRX11 in India followed by a worldwide launch.  Nostrum's intellectual property as it relates to this technology is protected by patents obtained in the United States, Europe and India.





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